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JCB is renowned worldwide as a manufacturer of super-tough, highly innovative and superbly engineered machines and products – each the result of a passion to do things better. Such dedication has resulted in JCB being market leader in many of the 150 countries it trades in.

Engineering a paint like no other

So, when it came to formulating a revolutionary new paint, we engineered in those same steely qualities to develop a unique multi-surface paint that covers, performs and protects like no other.

Year in and year out, in even the harshest environments, it won’t fade, peel or flake and is the only paint brand with certified flame retardancy and antibacterial protection built in.

So, whatever the surface – inside or out, it’s the safest, most resilient and most versatile choice. And we back that statement with a reassuring 10-year performance guarantee.

JCB Paint is manufactured by JCB Paint Holdings LLP. For all corporate and export enquiries, call +44 (0)1285 706124 or email enquiries@jcbpaint.holdings

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JCB Paint is distributed in the UK by JCB Paint Limited.


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In the event of fire, surfaces protected by JCB Paint will not propagate flames, produce burning droplets, nor release any smoke with toxic chemicals or fumes, giving any building occupants valuable extra time to evacuate, as well as mitigating against smoke inhalation.

Rigorously assessed by Warringtonfire, a world leader in fire safety services, JCB Paint has achieved ISO certification EN 13501-1 and EN 45545-2 and also meets the fire spread standards of BS 476 Parts 6 & 7 with a B-s1,d0 rating, equivalent to Class ‘0’ in the UK.

  • ISO Roundel Fire Protection BS476
  • ISO Roundel Fire Protection 45545
  • ISO Roundel Fire Protection 13501
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Bacterial Protection Icon

As part of a control system, JCB Paint can contribute significantly towards a safer and more hygienic environment.

A silver chloride bacterial agent within its formulation prevents microorganisms from growing, spreading or seeping into the substrate - without the need for a specialist primer or basecoat.

With the reassurance of ISO EN 22196 certification, JCB Paint is proven to reduce common bacteria such as MRSA, MSSA and E. coli by 99% across all surfaces.

  • ISO Roundel Bacterial Protection

Plus a raft of other compelling features – all in one paint

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  • Mould Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
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  • 10Yr Guarantee


The super versatility of JCB Paint means there is very little that you can’t protect and enhance, typically with just one coat.

From improving hygiene in a hospital, enhancing the weather resistance of outside walls, extending the lifespan of metal work or improving the fire safety of stabling or industrial buildings, JCB Paint has got it covered.

And with one paint covering everything you won’t build an unwanted mountain of expensive and wasteful paint tins.

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Whenever you need more than just paint, reach for the JCB Toughpack. From agriculture to industry and the public sector to domestic sheds and decking it is, by design, just the job every time and everywhere.

The larger the area and the tougher the environment, the more lifetime value painting with JCB adds. High opacity and colour density speeds the initial task, greatly reducing the labour required, while it’s guaranteed performance and protection slashes any further maintenance costs for years to come.

  • Agricultural & Equine

    It was the testing demands of agricultural buildings that were the original inspiration for JCB Paint.

    The paint is extremely hardwearing and can be washed, scrubbed and steam cleaned repeatedly. It repels moisture, inhibits mould, mildew and algae, is unaffected by UV and air pollutants, is easy to apply, low odour and won’t crack, peel or fade in any weather.

    The in-built microbiological agent is 99.9% resistant to bacteria such as E. coli and is tested to be 98% resistant to the bacterial cause of Strangles. Combined with fire safety compliance to inhibit the spread of flames and smoke, it is the SUPERSAFE™ choice for barns, stables, milking parlours and general farm buildings.

    Download our Agricultural & Equine specification guide for more details.

  • Commercial & Industrial

    In any build, refurbishment or maintenance project, JCB Paint is the fit-for-purpose answer for virtually any surface – indoor or out. Its hardwearing formula suits high impact environments and can withstand harsh weathering.

    It requires no primer or undercoat, and a single coat colours and protects. An anti-bacterial agent restricts germs such as MRSA, MSSA and E. coli, and the paint’s unique formula includes class-leading fire and smoke protection.

    So one paint has ISO 22196 bacterial accreditation and fire classification to ISO 13501-1 and BS476 Parts 6 & 7, promoting safety and saving time, money and effort. SUPERTOUGH™ JCB Paint won’t crack, peel or fade, is anti-stain, anti-mould and is impregnable to water, whatever the weather.

    Download our Commercial & Industrial specification guide for more details.

  • Healthcare & Catering

    The more testing the environment, the more JCB Paint excels, making it perfect for high traffic and safety-first environments like hospitals and catering establishments.

    Used externally, JCB Paint stops water ingress dead and will not flake, peel or fade from the effects of UV or air pollutants. Yet it allows the substrate to breathe, inhibiting the growth of mildew and algae – particularly valuable in buildings affected by moisture and condensation. Up to 99.9% of common bacteria are reduced by its in-built antibacterial agent.

    The paint's formula is equally effective in inhibiting flames and smoke. In the event of fire, JCB Paint provides up to an additional 30 minutes to evacuate a building, while mitigating against smoke inhalation.

    Download our Healthcare & Catering specification guide for more details.

  • Home & Garden

    Why just decorate your home, garden and outdoor buildings with paint, when with JCB you can protect them too.

    Used externally, JCB Paint totally protects surfaces from the most extreme weather, UV radiation, harmful chemicals and abrasion. An active fungicide ingredient prevents mildew, algae and fungus growing. The paint won’t crack, flake, peel or blister and will stay looking good even with repeated cleaning.

    Indoors, it’s resistant to typical household stains such as dirt, oil and grease, making it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. There’s safety reassurance too in ISO accredited flame, smoke and antibacterial protection that buys valuable time for evacuation if necessary and reduces common bacteria by 99.9%.

    Download our Home & Garden specification guide for more details.

  • Hotel & Leisure

    In a sector where buildings and infrastructure are vey much part of the brand experience, paint needs to look good and stay looking good, resisting the impacts of weather, high traffic, testing environments – such as a commercial kitchen or pool area – and daily wear and tear. JCB is that paint, on all surfaces, outdoor and in, year in, year out.

    Water-based, it’s easy to apply, requires no special equipment, covers brilliantly, is low odour, dries quickly and can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

    Add flame retardancy, antibacterial performance and water, stain and mould resistance, and you have the SUPERTOUGH™, SUPERSAFE™ and SUPERVERSATILE™ solution.

    Download our Hotel & Leisure specification guide for more details.

  • Public Areas & Workplace

    On wood, metal, masonry or plastic, used outdoors or in, JCB Paint protects and enhances every surface with an impregnable barrier.

    It will reduce maintenance schedules, cut labour and material costs, and resist marking, fading, mould, algae and attack by extreme weather, pollutants and staining agents. It also holds British Standard and European fire safety classification, as well as ISO accredited fire and antibacterial safety performance.

    It can be cleaned repeatedly, has great coverage, low odour, is self-priming and dries quickly to minimise labour and disruption.

    It sounds like the perfect paint for high traffic areas because it is. And with a RAL tinting service, you can find exactly the colour for your space and brand.

    Download our Public Areas & Workplace specification guide for more details.

  • Transport & Infrastructure

    From buildings to rolling stock, painted surfaces face attack from an army of extreme weather, algae, moisture, staining and impact marks.

    JCB Paint has been engineered to shrug off all such threats. Water resistance repels rain, sleet, snow and solar radiation, keeping its vibrant colour and protection even with repeated cleaning by water, steam or solvents.

    A built-in stain-blocking agent repels liquids such as urine, oil and bleach, as well as grease, dirt and dust. Anti-mould properties also resist algae and fungal attack, particularly in areas with high levels of condensation. Take advantage, too, of the health and safety benefits of JCB being the only paint to combine flame retardancy and anti-bacterial certification in one.

    Download our Transport & Infrastructure specification guide for more details.


JCB Paint is available in the four most popular stock colours – black, grey, white and magnolia.

We also offer a bespoke colour tinting service, custom mixing paint using the RAL system to match brand guidelines, legal requirements or project specifications.

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